Shamrocks, Rainbows Gold & Luck

ALL SBY Classes continue into March 7 days a week to assist you in reaching your goals!!

Be sure to try our Sat 9am cross train with us...

Sat March 2 NANCY-Step On It
Sat March 8 LAURA-Yoga for Stress Reduction
Sat March 16 KAREN-Yoga Core Flow
Sat March 23 MARY ANN-Circuit Strength+Cardio
Sat March 30 NANCY-Burn & Firm


Try our REFIT Dance
Monday at 5pm

Cynthia Campbell

Join in the BUNS & GUNS
Wednesday 5pm

Tammy Reid

Friday 5:30pm

Melanie, Elvira & Mary Ann

Invert your body in AERIAL YOGA
Sundays 2 & 3 Tuesday 5:30pm

PARTY PARTY PARTY.....Sat March 30th

Humane Society
Fund Raiser Dance for the Shelter Animals
8 to 11pm Village Square Tickets $25 per person
Join in with our SBY table Get tickets at studio...

ALSO....bring in a picture of your pet or pets for our SBY LUCKY ANIMALS display board!!

Use the MindBody App.

It helps our instructors when you reserve your place for each class on the mind body app. So easy to use.
Give it a try!

Visit our studio so that you can LIVE LONG LIVE STRONG!

Mary Ann

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